Monday, 21 April 2008

Jill Scott in Allure

Jill Scott is one of five actresses (did I just call Jill Scott an actress?) who are posing nude for the May edition of Allure magazine. Now I don't even know if I had ever heard of Allure Magazine prior to 15 minutes ago but come tomorrow morning I'll be straight down to WHSmith to seek its april copy.

I must admit I'm no great fan of celebrity female nudity in film or print as I think it sets back the feminine movement about 20 years, but when it comes to my Jill all bets are out the window.

I watched the No 1 Ladies Detective Agency shown last month on the beeb and I was really impressed by her portrayal of the lead character Mma Ramostwe and I look forward to the sequels. I am still hoping to get tickets for her show in the Brixton Academy in July (hint, hint babe if you haven't got my birthday pressie yet). I'm her No1 fan (visions of Kathy Bates in Misery come to mind).

In the accompanying article Jill says "No, Naked? You mean 'naked' naked? No Way," she says. "It was a frightening concept, and I had to be convinced." At the shoot, the Grammy Award-winning singer and star of the upcoming movie and TV series, "The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency" (she plays the full-figured Mma Ramostwe) was apprehensive. "I didn't sleep the night before. I love to be naked when it's just me at home, but I had no idea what it would be like to take my clothes off for the camera," she says. Turns out, "it took a lot of stand there naked in front of strangers and try to be comfortable and carefree. But I did it - and I'd do it again." As for the picture, "I'm blowing it up and putting it in my house," she says. "Just not where the cable guy can see it."


soupasexy said...

welcome to blogsville hun.

i also love that song playing, it brings back bad memories tho.

Uzezi said...

i love everything about Jill Scott. She posed nude? Well? What can i say?

naijalines said...

Pure natural beauty and sexy femininity. I've always been curious to know more about Jill Scott.

Kush said...

Thanks for visiting peeps.
@soupasexy, why does it bring bad memories?

@Uzezi, welcome to the fanclub.

@Naijalines, will you be buying the mag too?

Charizard said...

I love Jill Scott!!!